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Study Abroad Planning
  • Professional tutor

  • Online courses

  • Efficient learning

  • Result oriented

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Our tutoring courses include all aspects of studying abroad that you don’t understand, including background improvement courses to improve the success rate of studying abroad, various exam tutoring courses required for studying abroad, and customized planning tutoring courses for different study abroad requirements. Including application counseling courses for Oxbridge and G5 top universities in the UK, application counseling courses for top Ivy League universities, and application counseling courses for special majors such as art, law, architecture, etc. Professional tutors can satisfy your dream of a famous school!


World Famous School Admission Planning Service System

15 years of experience applying to global colleges and universities
More than 50,000 students have successfully enrolled through us
More than 100,000 admissions have provided students with cross-border application experience from more than 20 countries and regions.

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MM International Education is headquartered in the UK. It has 15 years of ingenuity and is recognized in the industry as a high-quality British study abroad service organization. It has been certified by the Joint Commission of British Examinations Boards and provides one-stop services for learning and review exams.

Graduating Students

G5 Ivy League famous teachers + examiner team

Tutors and examiners from world-famous schools provide efficient guidance on various international course subjects, background improvement, entrance exams and other courses, helping students to enter world-famous schools.

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So far, we have established long-term and stable cooperative relationships with 300+ private primary and secondary schools and 140+ well-known British universities.

London City


Teams in China and the UK work together to provide high-end customization to tailor-make study abroad plans for you and realize your dream of a prestigious British school!



London School Research and Screening Service

✓ 5 online consultations and communications

✓ Two customized education school selection plan reports

This includes a customized report in early March and a preparation report for the school visit at the end of April. The report will select 6 private preparatory primary schools and 2 public schools in three areas of Greater London as targets for school visits.

Greater London visiting school escort service and driver

✓ 周一至周五学校探访陪同服务

为期两周,共10天,每天7小时。每天安排参观一所学校,提供一餐,每餐费用为30英镑。 (您可以自由安排周末两天,但必须承担周末产生的费用)


Education Butler Service

✓  Provide school placement and family support services

To help students integrate into schools and local communities, establish an independent family time management system, and provide cultural integration support and social and professional development opportunities.




How to choose a country to study in?
Which colleges are suitable for my level?
Is it easy to take the exam for the major you are interested in?

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