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苗苗语文课 2021年10月课程 MMET October Time table

       虽然疫情仍然起起伏伏,在各方努力下,我们在park road sale primary school的中文课外活动终于正式上线。同时,我们也和其他本地学校密切合作,希望尽快在更多的学校开展语文课教学。双语甚至多语种的孩子是有更多的天然优势的。


周一 至 周五: Zoom在线教学 30分钟 每轮次 16:30 / 17:15 / 18:00

周六 周日: zoom在线教学 30分钟 每轮次 在线 - 9:30 / 10:15 / 11:00

线下教学 50分钟 每轮次 线下 - 9:00(母语) / 10:00 (非母语)/ 11:00(非母语)

线下教室地址: St Martin Church, 1 Church Ln, Sale M33 5QQ




Although this epidemic is still at large, the Mandarin Club at Park Road Sale Primary School has been successfully launched with the help of countless people! Around 20 students are partaking in the Club. Simultaneously, we are also working closely with other local schools, hoping to start spreading the joy of teaching and learning Mandarin as soon as possible. Bilingual or even multilingual children have more opportunities given to them: multilingualism has been shown to have many social, psychological and lifestyle advantages. As young as children start to pick up on multiple languages, they start to develop a talent for language that will benefit them for life.

       The My Fun Chinese book series (苗乐汉语) has been launched in the mainstream book store, Waterstones. Due to many reasons, the book store is temporarily out of stock. Parents/carers and learners who wish to purchase the books can visit our website to place an order:

Class Schedule


Zoom online classes (30mins per class)

Class start times: 16:30 / 17:15 / 18:00

Saturday / Sunday

Zoom online classes (30mins per class)

Class start times: 9:30 / 10:15 / 11:00

Face-to-face classes (50mins per class):

Class start times: 9:00 (native language) / 10:00 (non-native language) / 11:00 (non-native language)

Face-to-face classes address:

St Martin Church, 1 Church Ln, Sale M33 5QQ

The following is the detailed course schedule:

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