MM Chinese Club is continuing to offer our popular range of classes to pupils and students of all ages. We offer a range of group classes, either Non-native language speaker or native speaker, at a variety of times and days to meet our students requirements. We are now taking bookings for the start of the next academic year, in September 2021.

    The company is flexible in offering online learning and classroom options, to suit the needs of schools wishing to come on board, in offering Chinese lessons to their students.

        MM Chinese Club uses My Fun Chinese material, which starts with an entirely new roadmap of Chinese language learning and is taught under the innovative SREM theory and methodology. All selective materials and fun activities - including songs & rhymes, stories, arts & crafts - are adopted for young learners and enrich Chinese language learning. 

        Please take time to have a look at our course material, if you want know more about our Trial lesson and price plan in school please contact us.

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