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Welcome To MM Education

MM Education has been focusing on education for 20 years.

MM Education was founded in Hong Kong, China in 2013 and in Manchester, UK in 2018.

The mission of MM Education is to enable children not only to have an international vision, but also to achieve cultural self-confidence, absorb the strengths of Chinese and Western cultures, and integrate the essence of Chinese and Western cultures.


Our Core Education Services

MM Education provides high-quality international Chinese education solutions for local primary and secondary schools in the UK, including: Curriculum, Teaching Materials, Chinese Teachers, etc.

MM Education provides Chinese parents with a series of services related to studying in the UK, such as Education Planning, School Application, UK Visa Application, Academic Tutoring, and Young Students Guardianship for their children during their growth.


Our Book Shop

Playing on the Computer


Teaching Discussion Forum

Students can raise teaching questions and discuss them with teachers here. Teachers from the schools we work with regularly answer student questions.

Miaomiao Education has reached in-depth cooperation with hundreds of primary and secondary schools and universities in the UK. Here you can discuss your questions in the sub-forums of each school.


Contact Us


St Martin Church, 1 Church Ln, Sale M33 5QQ


+44 7763 528748

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