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How MM Chinese Club Work In-line With The EYFS Framework

MM Chinese Club is continuing to offer our popular range of classes to pupils and students of all ages. We offer a range of group classes, either Non-native language speaker or native speaker, at a variety of times and days to meet our students requirements. 

The company is flexible in offering online learning and classroom options, to suit the needs of schools wishing to come on board, in offering Chinese lessons to their students.

With MM Chinese club, our teachers go through an intensive training programme to ensure the EYFS framework is delivered successfully, which starts with an entirely new roadmap of Chinese language learning and is taught under the innovative SREM theory and methodology.

We place particular emphasis on play, songs, games, movements, repetition, affirmations and visual aids.

All selective materials and fun activities - including songs & rhymes, stories, arts & crafts - are adopted for young learners and enrich Chinese language learning. 

Our class plans fit the EYFS framework as we know the importance to support the mental, social and physical development of young children. So how do we do this?


In our experience, younger children learn a second language faster. Learning Mandarin Chinese won’t be difficult when learning through stimulating resources such as visual slides, songs, games, physical movements, gestures and fun story-led adventures, children can gain confidence, be self-assured, independent and resilient. Learning Mandarin Chinese can also enable children to develop empathy, become more open minded about other cultures and therefore encouraging respect to other children and their backgrounds.


Children will be supported in class to encourage confidence, independence and self esteem through positive relationships. Our teachers are trained to foster a warm and a sense of belonging to respond to children's needs, feelings and interests. They will be communicating with other children in Mandarin Chinese and English to create friendship, trust and support in one another.


Each child will share the experience of learning Mandarin Chinese in a safe and enabling environment with the support of a strong partnership between practitioners, parents and carers. Through stimulating resources, children will become open minded about different cultures and communities and supporting children to take risks and explore. Children will be able to value all people and enjoy learning Mandarin Chinese.


Children develop personal, social and emotional skills through our programmes - children learn the intonations of tones, understanding and practice their speaking, also learn to listen, be attentive, play games that encourage physical and mental development. Our role-play encourages children to move and increase physical activity for example play as an animal, become a store owner, and perform skits.

So how do we put this all into practice?

We teach Mandarin to Children through an immersive approach so that children can begin to associate vocabulary to an action or meaning. Sometimes we tell children that the craft part will be in pure Mandarin, and children can intuitively understand the connection between action and language through observation that immersive language experience. The rigorous curriculum design is close to the content of life and school teaching, and soon children can have daily conversations with each other and apply what they have learned.

Please take time to have a look at our course material, if you want know more about our Trial lesson and price plan in school please contact us.

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