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苗苗语文课 2021年11月课程MMET Nov Time table


We have a lot of activities in November and December, and the children will be very busy.




Activity 1: The 2nd International Chinese Festival

Registration fee £18.00

The process and the form of the work are the same as last year, voluntary participation



低龄组: 咏鹅

Activity 2: Chinese Classics Recitation Global Micro Video Competition

We will organize students to record videos

infant and younger children group: Yong E





Activity 3: New Year's online party

(To be carried out after Christmas in December)

Parents can start to discuss with the children what form of program to prepare

Offline we will also organize singing or recitation performances to celebrate the Spring Festival


If you want to promote Chinese activities in your school, please contact us to provide you with materials and assistance.

周一 至 周五: Zoom在线教学 30分钟 每轮次 16:30 / 17:15 / 18:00

周六 周日: zoom在线教学 30分钟 每轮次 在线 - 9:30 / 10:15 / 11:00

线下教学 50分钟 每轮次 线下 - 9:00(母语) / 10:00 (非母语)/ 11:00(非母语)

线下教室地址: St Martin Church, 1 Church Ln, Sale M33 5QQ


The My Fun Chinese book series (苗乐汉语) has been launched in the mainstream book store, Waterstones. Due to many reasons, the book store is temporarily out of stock. Parents/carers and learners who wish to purchase the books can visit our website to place an order:

Class Schedule:

Monday-Friday: Zoom online classes (30mins per class) Class start times: 16:30 / 17:15 / 18:00

Saturday / Sunday: Zoom online classes (30mins per class) Class start times: 9:30 / 10:15 / 11:00

Face-to-face classes (50mins per class): Class start times: 9:00 (native language) / 10:00 (non-native language) / 11:00 (non-native language)

Face-to-face classes address: St Martin Church, 1 Church Ln, Sale M33 5QQ


November course start date: 01-11-2021 (Monday), end by 28-11-2021 (Sunday)


The following is the detailed course schedule:

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