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Founder’s Introduction

      Dr. Chen Miao holds a dual master and degrees from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

      She further studied a doctorate in life education.


      During the ten years of living and working in Hong Kong, she served as the headteacher of a private elementary school and the director of Chinese academic affairs for many years.


      In 2013, she founded her first education center. Her educational courses have been recognized by parents of students, ranging from 2-year-old children's enlightenment classes to after-school tutoring classes for all grades. Among them, she provides one-to-one educational for many Hong Kong celebrities, well-known entrepreneurs, and famous families.  


      In 2018, Dr. Chen Miao brought her educational philosophy to the UK and gradually provided Chinese language teaching courses to thousands of scholars around the world.

Company Development in the UK

    Dr. Chen has now established a new company in the UK, using the knowledge and expertise of her established Chinese business in the former British territory of Hong Kong.


    This is an exciting new opportunity for schools in the UK to take advantage of this, by adding Chinese language courses to their curriculum.


    The company is flexible in offering online learning and classroom options, to suit the needs of schools wishing to come on board, in offering Chinese lessons to their students.

Our Services

Develop Chinese language lessons and curriculum


Deliver Chinese language learning to students at After School Club


Design Chinese cultural activities for schools, e.g. Chinese New Year and Moon Festival, etc


Provide learning materials, e.g. textbooks, videos, CD’s, flashcards, online resources

About My Fun Chinese

      My Fun Chinese and Inquiry of Chinese courses are carefully designed and conducted. The lessons start with an entirely new roadmap of Chinese language learning and are taught under the innovative SREM theory and methodology. All selective materials and fun activities are adopted for the young learners enriched Chinese language learning. Theme-related songs & rhymes, stories, arts & crafts, and the Total Physical Response approaches will be full applied for enhancing the class’s performance.​


        这些课程从全新的汉语学习路线图入手,并根据SREM理论和方法进行讲授。 所有教学用选材,以及设计的有趣学习活动为儿童学习者提供了丰富有序的中文学习机会。主题歌曲童谣和绘本故事,手作游戏,结合全身反应教学法,全面用于提高学生的学习表现。


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